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Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son)

I don’t know why I keep watching this show, Hourou Musuko, apart from wanting to inflict major emotional trauma onto myself, but I’m watching it. When I say the show is depressing I don’t mean it in the “wow so sad” sense like how nearly everybody describes Madoka. Don’t get me wrong, I love Madoka, I think it was an extremely great show, but I don’t really find the scenario to be depressing given how distanced it is from the everyday.

This is unlike Hourou Musuko, in which the plot revolves around two young transgender individuals (pictured above) coping with the onset of puberty and bodily change in a fairly conservative Japanese society. When I say the show is depressing, I mean this might actually trigger something for some people.

It calmed down a little since episode 1, which actually left me bawling because I was not at all mentally prepared for the content I was about to watch. It hit me hard given my circumstances, and given yours I don’t know if it will leave as big an impact, but it might depending on who you are and how you view gender and identity. I don’t think the show is for everyone, but it seems like there are many people, especially on this site, that the show would mesh well with.

For some background, Hourou Musuko was originally a manga written by Takako Shimura. Her most notable works are this and another story, Aoi Hana, a yuri manga that also has an anime adaptation. As you probably can guess, a lot of her stories are LGBT-related.

I think Hourou Musuko is going in a meaningful direction and can end very strongly so long as it can tie down the recurring themes and imagery properly. I’m about halfway done with the series and likely will finish it this weekend, so I’ll let you know what my overall opinions of it are then!

If I could rewrite Kangaroo I’d probably make Michael pansexual. Something about him being a man driven entirely by science and biology, thus extremely pro-medicine and medical practice, tells me that he wouldn’t be against the idea of humans identifying in means outside the gender binary, nor would he be against the idea of humans adjusting their sexual organs through reassignment surgery.

I have thought about this a lot, along with other changes I would have made to Kangaroo, and it kind of makes me sad to think about some of the missed potential there. I don’t want to go back and edit, though. It exists and it’s out there. It might as well stay as it is: untouched upon completion.

I wish I could marathon Hourou Musuko because it’s a very well written work of art, but it hits way too close to home so I have to purposefully slow my pace down for this one.

And that’s pretty sad because of how good it is.


I’m so fucking angry about this fucking dog

Things I Don’t Like About College: Part 4

When I was a young freshman I was pretty excited to finally be able to meet people of my own race. I grew up as an Arab in a nearly all-white school, though I was friends with all the Asians in my grade. Unfortunately, having not grown up in a more prominent culture, I was not considered Arab enough for them.

Even worse, my appearance is very pale because of my Palestinian heritage and origin, so most people do not look at me and think Arab. Even Palestinians are unable to tell that I’m one of them from first glance. There was one day where the primary group of Arabs on campus, a student organization specific for Arab-Americans, decided to spend a good hour finding various synonyms for the word “ugly” and flung them at me.

I realize I’m a very unattractive and unwanted individual because of my race, but I still wish I could be viewed as attractive by the people who look the most like me, even though none of them really looked like me at all to begin with. At the end of the day I still find it impossible to view my face or my body in a positive light and I react usually with fear and apprehension when somebody does give me a compliment on appearance since it almost always means they want something from me.

I still don’t have Arab friends.

Things I Don’t Like About College: Part 3

I was at a late-night cafeteria on campus the other day and decided I wanted to get a strawberry milk to go with my meal because I rather enjoy strawberry milk and prefer it over its non-strawberry brethren. Some white guy decided to bump into me as I was standing in line and thought it was a good idea to add some commentary:

"That’s a girl drink."

I almost thought about thanking him for such a statement since it would “strengthen” an argument about my gender identity over my biological sex, but such an argument is pretty meaningless since it’s just a strawberry milk. Anybody can enjoy a strawberry milk. It’s just a drink.

Things I Don’t Like About College: Part 2

I decided to attend an anime club meeting back in my freshman year. I walked into a monster-on-woman rape scene and promptly left. The same group has been around for a while, however. The other day they talked about why they prefer Game of Thrones to The Lord of the Rings. Their reason had nothing to do with characters and plot, but instead boiled down to the fact that The Lord of the Rings has no rape in it and therefore did not interest theme.

Things I Don’t Like About College: Part 1

I was in the elevator going to my room the other day. A bunch of white guys were in the elevator with me along with one girl. The girl looked like she had just gotten back from a party. Her floor was earlier than mine and the other guys’, so she left first. After the doors closed, one of the other guys decided to very loudly scream:

"God she wasn’t even wearing heels! What a slut!"

I can only imagine what they said about me as I left to go to my room.


there are about 3.5 million arabs living in america and we have???? literally no positive representation in popular media???????

Arab-American here. I’ve pretty much given up on finding any positive representation of us in the West that isn’t bogged down by an insane amount of politics.

I don’t want a story where a Palestinian kid learns not to suicide bomb Tel Aviv (of which there are a disgusting number of films with such a plot being produced in Israel)

I guess I’m partial to the Mobile Suit Gundam series for, against all odds, actually having Arab characters appear in both positive and non-positive lights, depicted in such ways that their race isn’t the reason for their depiction.