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Today will be a work day. Pushing through some final engineering projects. OvO

Meanwhile the French Zelda community discovered, well, this.

fuck this stupid shit of a piano

I don’t know what weird expectation I had of JJBA’s plotline but this isn’t what I envisioned at all. And I don’t mean that in a bad way! It means I’m receiving a story completely different from the one I crafted in my head based solely on what I’ve seen here on Tumblr, and I think that’s actually pretty good. My original understanding of the story was completely off. So much so that I probably should just make a story out of what I thought the story was because there is nothing that is the same so far.

My plan is to finish a part and then watch the anime of the part before reading the next part. Part 1 is short so that’ll happen sooner than later.

Plotlines I really enjoy in Game of Thrones. This is SHOW-ONLY as a note. I have not read the books yet:

  • Bran Stark. His plot is the one where magic is real. He has undergone a huge shift in outlook and mission since the beginning of the show and the direction his story is going in I’m not too certain of simply because it is the one where magic is real. I am looking forward to it though.

  • Sansa Stark. My favorite of the Starks. This is the one where subtlety plays an enormous factor. Through her proper demeanor is quite the fierce character that learns the ways of manipulation in covert means. She uses her Lady status as a weapon and I don’t even think she realizes it. I want to see where this will lead.

  • Cersei Lannister. A lot of people hate her, but she’s unfathomably powerful. I think she and Sansa have a huge amount in common, actually, but Cersei of course is older, has children, and has more experience with the world. She is a master of manipulation and knows how to use her position, that of a woman in a man-driven society, as a means to accomplish her ends. She’s downright terrifying, I think the scariest character in the show, and I really like that a whole lot.

Plotlines I still love but not nearly as much as everyone else:

  • Daenerys Targaryen. She suddenly has an army and knows how to command it perfectly. Where did she learn strategy? She has an advisor, but most of his relationship with her has so far been to warn her instead of to guide her on how to lead. Apart from that, it has been going from city to city and freeing slaves. When Khal Drogo was a character I enjoyed her story a lot more, but it’s sort of stagnated and become predictable in my opinion (awesome dragon lady does awesome freedom things, sometimes with dragons). As of late, I want more variation in her arcs.

But don’t get me wrong—I really do enjoy all the characters. And yes, that includes Joffrey, too.


Woke up, showered, watched Game of Thrones, gonna go to class, eat something for lunch, and then probably continue reading JJBA and later tonight stream!